Catalogue & Shipping

Our catalogue plays an important role in the understanding of our enterprise. Every two years we publish a new catalogue, that besides offering you our widespread varieties, gives you lots of information about perennials in general, accompanied by personal experiences and ideas.

You will find all of our products in the shop as well.

Order & Shippingdetails

Orders will be executed between end of march through end of may and mid september through mid november.

We will post your order with a special parcelservice. We hope with this step to have found a reliable way of delivering your orders fast and safe.

Important: Please use an address on your orderform, where you can accept the parcel or somebody else can accept the parcel for you. In case you are working, please use a spare address, where the deliveryservice can deliver your order to.

In case that the delivery fails, the parcel will go back to the depot of the deliveryservice. If the delivery fails three times, the parcel will be returned to the sender. This will just cause frustration and the only one to be happy at the end will be our compost heap.

Postage and packing are included in your invoice.

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